The Eagle's Jester new beer by Eagles Crag Brewery

The Eagle’s Jester

Say hello to our most recent creation – The Eagle’s Jester. Brimming with flavour, this golden session IPA packs a punch.


The Eagle’s Jester is brewed with finest Marris Otter Malt with a touch of Munich Light Malt. It has well balanced, fruity hop flavours from leaf Jester hops and is additionally dry hopped with Jester T45 pellets with excellent balanced malts leading to a refreshing, modern style tasty pint.


It’s the first of many recipes that we’ve been tinkering with behind the scenes. It’s a little different from our usual style, but it proved popular with everyone that’s tried it so far. We wanted to launch it as a cask beer for now to see what other people think! If it goes down well, it’ll become part of our core range and we’ll be putting it in bottles too.


You’ll be able to try The Eagle’s JesterĀ at the brewery at the end of each month when we host our usual taproom events, but you can also pick it up in a couple of pubs in Todmorden too! Check it out at <PUB NAME>, <PUB NAME> or <PUB NAME>.


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